In transition V.


At the center of my „In transition – Layers” concept I focus on the human being as a personality, the organization of psychological systems, and examine its inner layers. The origin of the word personality: it comes from Latin, meaning mask. The human being is constituted in the form of a unique and distinct individual. It contains a unique feature of each layer of our spiritual functioning (cognitive functions, emotional reactions, motivations, actions). According to Sigmund Freud’s deep psychological personality theories, unconscious processes play a decisive role in behavior, all our manifestations being predetermined, the reason lying in the unconscious. In my work, I raise the question of how to get to the ID (instincts), the most ancient part of personality. ID encompasses all inherited, instinctive, and primitive aspects of personality. Our instinct is completely unconscious. Freud believed that all spiritual energy (libido) in the instinct comes from the self. Through how many and how many more layers do we reach and discover our instincts !? What structures and layers cover it, which all keep in mind the state of the outside world, within the limits of reality. In my work, I combine the layering of artistic materials with the layers of personal meaning. My paintings unfold in layers: I build layers of oil paints, acrylic, chrome and texture paste on canvas. Possibilities for visualizing different layers of personality (memories, states of mind, time layers) are unlimited with the mixed media techniques, so these layers partially or completely overlap each other, and then in some parts of the picture the lowest surface is visible again. The composition of the resulting painting is shaped by the textural effects given by the overlapping colors and the paint layers. In my work, I show that the layers covering personality do not completely overlap each other, the “instinct” can surface if we look for it.


265 000 Ft


Műfaj: Festmény

Technika: vászon, akril, vegyes technika

Méret: 70x100 cm

Alkotás éve: 2022

Személyes átvétel

15 nap visszafizetési garancia