Acoustic smog II


My concept is about Acoustic smog or Noise pollution that is defined as any unwanted sound that irritates people, animals, wildlife. It causes hearing damage, or lowers quality of life. Acoustic smog or noise pollution comes from street traffic sounds from cars, buses, construction sounds, industrial sounds like fans, generators, compressor, mills, airports, ships in the oceans.. For example Our oceans are no longer quiet. The noises generated by ships create what I call acoustic smog it makes more difficult for marine animals to communicate with each other. My concept draws attention to this problem, which has become more serious over the years.



Műfaj: Festmény

Technika: vászon, akril, olajfesték, vegyes technika

Méret: 70x100 cm

Alkotás éve: 2021

Személyes átvétel

15 nap visszafizetési garancia